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Aka Music BGM Original Publishing in South Korea
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New Release

Main: 신규 앨범
Main: 예술가
No copyright and neighboring rights issues as Original Publishing​

Original Production (Library) Music used for domestic and overseas TV, OTT, advertisements, movies, etc.

Recruitment of sub-publishers

We are looking for partners who can sub-publishing Akamusic's original BGM outside of Korea.


​various license policies

Blanket License

Production License

Per Track License

Annual License

​music sample

이미지 제공: Steve Harvey

About Aka Music Corp.

As the only original publishing sound source company in Korea that does not have any copyright problems, it is being used in 190 domestic and foreign channels.

이미지 제공: Maurice Lourens

Our Service

Providing customized broadcasting and YouTube music for the first time in Korea reflecting the complex needs of business people
Has all tracks ISWC, ISRC

이미지 제공: Matt Botsford

Our Strength

Youtube copyright problem completely solved
Unlimited Hi quality sound source
Provides 4,000 tracks update service every 3 months
50,000 songs in stock (NOV, 2023)

Sub Publishing

On April 27th, 2023, Parsiparla, a company based in France, signed a sub-publishing agreement for the entire European market.


Sub Publishing

August 1, 2023 
Kanjian Music a compnay based in China, signed a sub-publishing agreement for the entire China market.



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